Blast Processed Otaku Tunes

This is a collection of 16-bit covers of songs featured in various Japanese anime. Each one of these songs (with one exception) was made entirely in Deflemask, a chiptune tracker that stays as true to the original hardware as possible. With the right tools, they could be played back on an original Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

That system's hardware has a few limitations. In this particular case, I was limited to 5 channels of FM synthesis, 2 square wave channels, and 1 channel each for white noise and samples. This basically means at any given time there are a maximum of 7 instruments playing a single note, plus percussion. Also, every one of these covers was done by ear. No sheet music or MIDI files were used at any point.

Oto no Naru Hou e→ (オトノナルホウヘ→)

from Gin no Saji 2nd Season

crossing field

from Sword Art Online

Sparkling Daydream

from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Ne, Issho ni Kaero. (ね、いっしょにかえろ。)

from Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu


from Working'!!


from Nichijou

lull ~Soshite Bokura wa~ (lull ~そして僕らは~)

from Nagi no Asukara

Dakara, Hitori ja nai (だから, ひとりじゃない)

from Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season

May I Help You? (めいあいへるぷゆー?)

from Servant x Service

One In A Billion

from Isekai Shokudou

Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi - C

from Nichijou


from Sakura Quest

Koko kara, Koko kara (ここから、ここから)

from Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

Orange (オレンジ)

from Toradora!

Saturday Night Question (サタデー・ナイト・クエスチョン)

from Net-juu no Susume


from Hataraku Saibou

Shinryaku no Susume☆ (侵略ノススメ☆)

from Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Ishukan Communication (イシュカン・コミュニケーション)

from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

This is the only song to use more than one program. The vocal sample was added in after the sequencing was finished.