Blowin' Off Dust

This album is my love-letter to the video game music of the 1990s I grew up listening to. Back in 2016 my brother was running a Pathfinder game. At the time, Roll20 had a Soundcloud player built in and you could loop music through it. He made all the graphics himself in the style of an early 90s fantasy RPG, so I wrote some similarly-styled songs for him to use in-game. Unfortunately, the music player was removed from Roll20 mid-campaign, so most of these songs were never used.

Roll for Initiative

This Warm Sand Is Inviting

A Happy Tune Indeed

We've Lost Count of Hominy Got Lost In This Maize

A Well-Stocked Market

The Great Wide Open


I'd Tell You Where This Appears But It Would Be Spoilers

Dangerous Terrain