This is a collection of 16-bit covers of songs featured in various Japanese anime. Each song (with one exception) was made entirely in Deflemask, a chiptune tracker that emulates old sound chips as closely as possible. In this case, those are the 2 sound chips found inside the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. With the right tools, these songs could be played back on the original hardware.

The Genesis/Mega Drive hardware has a few limitations. In this particular case, I was limited to 5 channels of FM synthesis, each channel only able to play one instrument at a time. There were also 2 channels that could play a simple square wave, and 1 channel each for white noise and audio samples, like drums and other percussion. This basically means at any given time there are a maximum of 7 instruments playing a single note, plus percussion. Also, every one of these covers was done by ear. No sheet music or MIDI files were referenced at any point.