It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the first thing most new vocalsynth producers do when they buy the Kagamines is to make some sort of duet. At least, that’s what I wanted to do. I always though the idea of 2 people, in different places, looking at the same thing in the sky was romantic. Couple that with the same 2 people trying to make sense of their feelings for each other, and you have “Sirius” in a nutshell.

The radio chatter you hear at the beginning of the song is actually from an old NASA recording during the Gemini program. A lot of the early NASA recordings are public domain and are available on Also, the song features a lead guitar that sounds better than any I had previously used, thanks to Unreal Instruments.

Also, this was the first song where I commissioned an artist to make the artwork. I really wanted to use Rin and Len on the artwork, but I wasn’t very confident in my drawing skills at the time. I think Amelia did a great job! Please check out her work!